Introducing the Renegade Soldiers:

Navin Arjun a.k.a. Mr.Biggz:
specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, Old School, House & Electro

Mark Wills a.k.a. Soul-Jah:
specializing in Reggae and R&B

Ray Singh a.k.a. Trikki:
specializing in Reggae and emceeing

Brent Singh a.k.a. Kaiso King:
specializing in Soca, Calypso, and Classic House

Together, these four skilled individuals make it their mission to ensure that no party shall be un-rocked, no hit will be un-smashed, and all events will be legendary.  This is the story of RENEGADE SQUAD


Just like those who are called to duty to serve their country, Renegade Squad knew from their early beginnings in the suburban town of Markham, ON that serving the Entertainment sector with their versatile offering of deejaying and event production would be their life’s mandate.  Armed with Caribbean DNA and strong musical affinity, these four childhood friends bonded as brothers in their shared love of music.  From the early days of volunteering to play at their elementary school dances, this dedicated squad graduated from the school of “practice makes perfect”.  With no manual to explain how to become a viable deejay, Renegade Squad hit many bumps and roadblocks along the way including lack of equipment that led them all one day to make the life changing decision to become a musical force to be reckoned with.

Their individual stories may resonate with the masses.  Each can tell a tale of deep passion for mixing songs into original blends, but also the struggle to remain committed in a market of endless scrutiny. The craft takes time to develop, and becoming an expert in your field takes years of dedication.  Toronto, ON is known around the world for its unparalleled nightclub and party scene, and Renegade Squad has proven time and time again that results come from knowing your target well.  Many sound crews collectively boast expertise in only one or two genres of music.  Renegade Squad serves up hip-hop bangers, the sweetest soca and the best in reggae.  Pulling influence from legendary deejays DJ Jazzy Jeff for hip-hop, to Stonelove for reggae, to Chinese Laundry for soca, the well rounded blend of musical specialty has made them one of the most coveted sound crews in the city.

In the open landscape of free enterprise, it goes without saying that after years in the game relying on bookings from event promoters, the formal education of one of the groups founding members, Mr. Biggz would be the change factor that would take the Squad from waiting for opportunity, to creating opportunities.  Renegade Squad are behind some of the most successful event series’ in the GTA with “Blueberry Bashment”, “Sweet & Sexy”, “Entourage”,"Slow Wine" and “Reggae Cafe”. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed as just another backyard sound, Renegade Squad has a portfolio that ranges from Bashment parties to upscale events designed for the “grown ‘n sexy”.


Mr. Biggz, Soul-Jah, Trikki and Kaiso may have varying styles, but they take their inspiration collectively from some of the greatest of all-time.  Kid Capri, Funk Master Flex, Renaissance Sound, and King Addies have all helped to shape their knack for musical crowd control and their appreciation of the role deejays have with their listeners to “break” new music onto the scene.  Party rocking can be attributed to the legacy left by Canadian pioneers The Babyblue Sound Crew, and mixing excellence by Toronto’s Starting from Scratch and Baby Yu.  The only way to become the best, is to study the best.

Set to launch the new decade with new movements, a fresh blueprint and an arsenal of events that will stave off those who dare to stand in their way, RENEGADE SQUAD is about to unleash its own brand of weapons of mass destruction: the NEW

RENEGADE SQUAD: Mission Accomplished

Written by Nicky Phillips a.k.a. Darling Nicky  |
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